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3 SEO Pro Tips for Your Manufacturing Company:

Showcase capabilities, not just products: Target queries like โ€œ[City] custom machining serviceโ€ or "[State] precision metal fabrication" - highlight what you CAN DO, as this may attract bespoke projects.

Become an industry resource: Publish whitepapers, technical specifications, or case studies to position yourself as a thought leader within your manufacturing niche.

Optimize for B2B searches: Manufacturing is often business-to-business. Structure your content for queries a potential business partner might use, emphasizing your reliability, certifications, and scale of production.

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Advanced Strategy: Target Bespoke Project Searches with Capability-Focused Content

  • The Core Problem: Manufacturers often struggle with generic keywords that don't reflect their potential for custom solutions. Potential clients may not even know to search for the specific services a manufacturer can provide.

  • The Solution: Reverse-engineer potential searches based on niche capabilities and the types of bespoke projects you want to attract. Create content showcasing your capabilities, emphasizing potential applications.

How it Works

  1. Map Your Strengths: Go beyond product lists. Identify 3-5 unique capabilities your manufacturing business offers:

    • "Precision machining for aerospace components"
    • "Custom metal fabrication for architectural projects"
    • "Small-batch production of food-grade packaging"
  2. Think Like the Ideal Client: For each capability, brainstorm search terms a potential client seeking those solutions might use:

    • "[State] manufacturer for small aerospace parts"
    • "Custom metal staircases [city]"
    • "Short-run packaging solutions [region]"
  3. Build Case Study Pages: Instead of generic "Services" pages, create individual pages built around keywords AND showcasing those capabilities:

    • Page Title Examples:
      • "Precision CNC Machining for Aerospace | [City] Manufacturer"
      • "Custom Metalwork for Architects in [State] | Projects + Capabilities"
    • Each page includes:
      • Keyword-rich but conversational descriptions of the capability
      • High-quality images of past projects (even if not in the target industry โ€“ they demonstrate skill)
      • Client testimonials if possible
      • Clear calls to action to request quotes or consultations

Why This Strategy Works

  • Matches Search Intent to Capability: You're connecting with clients actively looking for the type of work you excel at.
  • Positions You as a Solution Provider: By showcasing past projects, you go beyond being just another parts manufacturer to become a solutions partner.
  • Broadens Your Net: Even if someone isn't in your usual industry, seeing your capability showcased might attract a unique project.

Additional Tips

  • Industry-Specific Content Matters: Supplement this strategy with educational blog posts addressing trends and pain points in your target industries.
  • Partner with Distributors: If applicable, collaborate on content to help distributors highlight your unique capabilities and attract wider attention.
  • Optimize for B2B Queries: Include keywords like "RFP", "request for quote", and "custom manufacturing solutions" as these are often used by business buyers.

Our Clients Get Results

Katrina Williams

"We're finally hitting our goals"

My only regret is not working with Empirical sooner. After nearly a decade of disappointing results from other firms, we’re finally hitting our goals and growing more every month. The whole team has been great to work with. I can’t recommend them enough!

Brad Scott

"I'm absolutely blown away"

I never thought my biggest problem would be too much business, but that’s where I’m at today. I’m absolutely blown away by how much you helped me. Every meeting, every report, always professional and explained in clear English. Not to mention ahead of schedule. Amazing.

Joshua Morris

"I'm getting big-budget clients"

Empirical makes it fun to run a business again. It’s so nice to know my marketing is in good hands and I can focus on running the actual business. It’s even better now that you dialed in my targeting and I’m getting big-budget clients that can actually afford us!

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