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3 SEO Pro Tips for Your Fence and Gate Company:

Showcase projects visually: Like with landscaping, high-quality photographs of your finished work are crucial. Create galleries organized by fence/gate types, and optimize with keywords like "[City] vinyl fence installation" or "[Neighborhood] custom wrought iron gate.

Become the local resource: Create articles not just about fences, but related topics too: "Landscaping Ideas to Complement Your Privacy Fence", "Home Security Tips for [City]", etc. This establishes your expertise and attracts searches from a wider pool of potential clients.

Optimize for "emergency" searches: People often need fences repaired quickly after storms or accidents. Make sure your site and ads are visible for searches like "[City] emergency fence repair."

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The Strategy: Dominate the "DIY vs. Pro" Search Landscape

  • The Core Problem: People considering a new fence or gate often search to resolve an underlying question: Should I try to build it myself or hire a professional? These searches offer a unique window of opportunity.

  • The Solution: Create content positioned to capture potential clients at this critical decision-making stage, emphasizing the value your company brings over going the DIY route.

How it Works

  1. Target "DIY vs Pro" Keywords: Brainstorm a list of searches people might use when considering the DIY route:

    • "How to install a vinyl fence in [city]"
    • "Cost of building your own gate [neighborhood]"
    • "DIY chain link fence repair [state]"
  2. Create "Fence vs. Pro" Guides: Develop blog posts or dedicated landing pages titled around these keywords. Example titles:

    • "Building a Fence in [City]: DIY or Hire a Pro?"
    • "The True Cost of a DIY Fence: Should You Install it Yourself?"
    • "DIY Gate Installation: Mistakes to Avoid (And Why Hiring an Expert in [Neighborhood] Might Be Best)
    • These guides should NOT be sales pitches. Instead:
      • Highlight the complexities of fence & gate installation (regulations, ground conditions, etc.)
      • Provide an honest comparison of time commitment, potential hidden costs, and long-term durability.
      • Subtly emphasize the value of your expertise and services
  3. Showcase Your Work: Within these guides, strategically place links to your project gallery. Seeing the quality of your finished projects highlights the potential downsides of DIY.

Why This Strategy Works

  • Meet Them Where They're At: You're addressing a search made at the perfect moment โ€“ when people are on the cusp of deciding whether to take on a project.
  • Building Trust Through Helpfulness: By providing helpful information, you position yourself as an expert without the hard sell.
  • High Conversion Potential: Someone convinced by your guides that hiring a pro is better is already primed to consider your services.

Additional Tips

  • Localize Wherever Possible: Weave in location-specific details about permits, soil conditions in your area, etc. to increase local relevance.
  • Consider Video Content: Short videos demonstrating the complexities of even "simple" fence projects can be highly persuasive within these guides.
  • Run Targeted Ads: Use those "DIY" keywords on Google Ads to ensure your guides appear when people are exploring those searches.

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Katrina Williams

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My only regret is not working with Empirical sooner. After nearly a decade of disappointing results from other firms, we’re finally hitting our goals and growing more every month. The whole team has been great to work with. I can’t recommend them enough!

Brad Scott

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I never thought my biggest problem would be too much business, but that’s where I’m at today. I’m absolutely blown away by how much you helped me. Every meeting, every report, always professional and explained in clear English. Not to mention ahead of schedule. Amazing.

Joshua Morris

"I'm getting big-budget clients"

Empirical makes it fun to run a business again. It’s so nice to know my marketing is in good hands and I can focus on running the actual business. It’s even better now that you dialed in my targeting and I’m getting big-budget clients that can actually afford us!

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